BayCHIP SD2 - 240GB Solid-State Drive (SSD)
  • BayCHIP SD2 - 240GB Solid-State Drive (SSD)

    • High Quality Chips: BayCHIP Solid-State Drives use highest quality chips and materials in order to guarantee the capacity they offer. BayCHIP SD2 has a real tested 500 Mb/s read, and 400 Mb/s write speeds. This is almost 30 times faster than a regular USB memory stick.
    • Small Design and Efficiency: BayCHIP SD2 is one of the smallest SSD’s in the market with the weight of only 46 grams. It is both really fast but also 1/3 of the size of your mobile phone. It will also increase the battery life of your laptop as it uses 30 times less energy than a regular HDD.
    • Usage Areas: This 240GB high-capacity SSD is useful for backups, image storage, music and data transfer and can be used in home, office, school, university, automobile. Can also be used to extend the storage of gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox.
    • Compatibility: Compatible with Windows ME / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10, Linux, macOS 9.1/X and higher. Does not require an additional software. Plug-in and it is ready to use. A cable is included in the box.
    • Warranty: BayCHIP Solid-State Drives aim for the highest customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event of having any issues with your product please get in touch and we will do our best to help.


    BayCHIP has been working in the USB Memory Sticks industry since 2008. Our accumulated knowledge and skills help us to offer the best quality products at low prices. Since then, we have diversified in other product groups. This BayCHIP SD2 is our second product in the SSD market and the best-selling SSD we have. It delivers high speed data transfer while taking up very little space. It has a Micro-B port and a USB-A to Micro-B cable is included in the box.

    • Comes in a paper box
    • USB Port: USB 3.0
    • Cable included.
    • Material: Metal and Plastic
    • Lightweight: Only 46 grams
    • Compatible with Windows ME / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10, macOS 9.1/X and higher.
    • Write Speed = Up to 400 MB/s
    • Read Speed = Up to 500 MB/s

    Used in schools, libraries, offices, music photo studios, home, universities, events, and as a promotional material. Great tool for TV, home and automobile audio systems. Compatible with gaming consoles such as PS4, PS5, and Xbox. 

    Customer satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any issues let us know and we will sort it out!

    Why wait anymore? This is the only SSD, you need!