BayCHIP 610 - 10000 mAh Powerbank
  • BayCHIP 610 - 10000 mAh Powerbank

    • High Quality Battery: BayCHIP uses highest quality batteries and materials in its portable chargers. They are 500 cycles guaranteed and will easily go up to 1000 cycles. This is a lot higher than the majority of the competing products on the market. We always strive to produce the best products.
    • High Capacity: 10,000 mAh capacity allows the user to charge their devices up to 4 times. iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: 3.5 times / iPhone 12 Pro Max: 2.5 times / Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra: 2 times.
    • Fast-Charging: Fast charging port contains a Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge Chip and is compatible with the quick charge supporting devices. It is twice as fast as a normal power bank. 2 outputs allow the user to charge two devices simultaneously.
    • Features: 4-light led display shows the remaining capacity of the power bank (⭐️:0%-25% / ⭐️⭐️:26%-50% / ⭐️⭐️⭐️:51%-75% / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️:76%-100%). Power switch turns on the mobile charger and its auto turn-off function prevents running out of power if not connected to a device. Stylish compact design, it is a great companion to your phone. Comes with a Micro-USB cable to charge the powerbank.
    • Safety and Warranty: All BayCHIP Power Banks are safety tested by the regulatory bodies and are safe to use. They are equipped with technologies to prevent harming your devices. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.


    This power bank can charge your devices up to 4 times. It comes with a quick charging Qualcomm port to charge the devices that support fast charging.  It has two outputs and can charge two devices simultaneously. It charges from either its Micro USB or from its USB-C port and a Micro-USB cable is included in the box. The LED display shows the remaining battery of the Powerbank. It has a power switch and turns off automatically if not connected to any device. 

    • Only 205 grams.
    • Compact and stylish design
    • Quick Charging
    • Power switch and auto turn-off function.
    • Capacity indicating led lights.
    • Two device simultaneous charging.
    • Capacity: 10000mAh/37Wh
    • Input: Micro-USB and USB-C
    • Output: USB-A 5V/2.1A and USB-A 18W/3.0A
    • Micro-USB cable included

    This product is very stylish and looks elegant. Comes in two colours to match the colour of your phone.

    For your safety, our power banks are shipped half-charged. Please fully charge your power bank first time it is shipped to you.

    As Baylar, we strive to aim for the highest customer satisfaction and believe in our products. By buying from us you will get high-quality product at a reasonable price. All our products are safety and quality tested. We never sell anything that we are not satisfied with. Any issues? Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you!

    If you are looking for a high quality, compact and a powerful mobile charger that’s it, you’ve found it!

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